About Us

Q-Cats is a young company operating in the area of quality control and investment consulting.

Our name presents two characteristic features of the company:

  • quality which means client satisfaction (Q)
  • feline agility, kindness, pleasant disposition (cats)

Work philosophy of Q-cats always puts the customers’ expectations in the first place.

Thanks to the organizational flexibility and responsibility we are able to meet any challenges.


Our employees are called super cats which means that:

  • qualified quality technicians with exceptional efficiency in detection of visual defects (aspect) and also experienced technicians in manual measurement performed with mechanical measuring devices, control gauges etc.
  • qualified quality engineers with experience especially in: incoming inspection/suppliers evaluation, process and product quality, 8D and PDCA standard reporting, quality and efficiency audits. Experienced in domestic devices, automotive, electronics assembly, who are able to comprehensively assist the quality departments in all current tasks which require qualifications of an experienced quality engineer.

Our mission is to provide an individual standard of services in the scope of securing the quality of parts deliveries to your company. It is also crucial to ensure convenience to our clients through comprehensive non-compliance service.

Our offer is not only aimed at surpassing the offer of competition, but also draws the industry's attention to the fact that quality improvement is not a finished process.

We are aware that a perfectly performed service enables a proper customer-supplier dialogue as well as long-lasting and satisfying cooperation.




Our offer is always personalized to meet customer needs.

Thanks to the rational management of the organization's resources and work philosophy we are able to surpass the offer of the largest competitors. This is why we can provide you with both satisfaction and success of the company.

Below you can find the areas of our services. Contact us if you think that we could help you with solving your issue.

Sorting, repair or parts service

This service includes 100% control or statistical, visual and / or measurement control.

Only from us you will receive:

  • work instruction prepared by a quality engineer and signed by your client
  • help in establishing range and methods of control
  • execution of sorting in a warehouse or in your customer’s quality insulator in accordance with demand, identification of parts, internal transport in your client's warehouse
  • transfer of goods before and after the control: release of materials, contact with your client and helping them with removing organizational inconvenience or disruptions in performance
  • synchronization of task execution and support of your client to reduce the costs of complaints, the fastest response time
  • delivery of a quality report with photos and full documentation according to your requirements.
Sorting, repair or parts service in EXTERNAL WORKSHOP

It is possible to perform quality control of parts in our external workshop. The identified and described parts will be delivered to your client „on time”. The cost of the service is increased only by transport costs.

Repacking, assistance in customs warehouses and other quality and logistics operations

We will identify the defective goods in your forwarding warehouse, mark it before it reaches the customer, repack, verify the condition, perform tests of the means of transport and the security of the goods. We can as well perfom full packaging and transportation validation tests, recommendations.

Protection of the finished product

We provide performing special tests defined by the customer on the finished product, including:

  • measurement tests carried out with dedicated devices / gauges, own measuring tools or disposable gauges
  • performing destructive tests
  • full documentation of test results
  • in special cases, performing a comprehensive control or providing employees with special skills (e.g., a metrologist executing a measurement with a coordinate measuring machine- OGP, profilprojector)
  • cyclic protection of shipments to your customers.

We also provide services of highly specialized quality operators who are experts in detection of "aspect" defects.

Quality Engineer

Thanks to our unique service you can hire a quality engineer to support your team, ensure quality during increased effort and a multitude of duties.

This person can be responsible for the implementation of complex tasks independently or with the support of the operators (e.g., performing a quality analysis in accordance with 8D or PDCA, performing an FMEA assessment, assistance in creating process documentation).

The task of the quality engineer is to understand the work of your team in order to provide the best possible support giving you the opportunity to deal with more important matters.

A quality engineer can also act as a resident, they can be your representative when you cannot get there in the expected time, present the analysis results and accept your client's questions, negotiate measurement methods, discuss border parts and action plans, report results, provide answers and clarifications, complete the shortages.

Customer concierge

Your customers are as important for us as for you. Not only will we take care of them, but also we will entertain them with the conversation and improve their mood before the audit.

We can collect them from the airport by limousine, provide transport, take them to a restaurant, hotel, present your company in a good light before an important meeting.

This is very individualized service and its main purpose is to provide a solution that will help organize your client's visit and guarantee good mood.

Market research, expansion, development, suppliers quotations

We offer our clients the opportunity to conduct research in the field of economics and development prospects in the indicated location.

This service involves gathering information to help make decisions about your further investments.

Wondering about the possibility of expanding or establishing contact with new clients?

Or maybe would you like to find suppliers, check prices and the offered technology, compare quality in aspects that are important to you, make contact with developers, landowners, representatives of local authorities, obtain information on the financial and organizational support of your expansion, consult with lawyers, real estate agents, get offers, perform parts or product tests?







Q-Cats Piotr Woźniak

Ofiar Katynia 78F/1

42-530 Dąbrowa Górnicza


+48 694 917 739


VAT EU: PL6292260359

REGON: 381193185


PLN  PL 97 1140 2004 0000 3402 7801 1285

EUR  PL 20 1140 2004 0000 3012 0695 4707

USD  PL 77 1140 2004 0000 3112 0695 4699






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